Cork Deerskin Driving Gloves

Cork Deerskin Driving Gloves

Composition: Deerskin

Origin of product: Made in Italy.

Details: Unlined for a close fit and sure grip, stud closure.

What is the fit? Snug at first, but they will stretch to fit.

Special order available: Yes.

Contact us: or 1-888-733-0887

The Narrative: Peter Elliot here, with just a bit of fun info on the classic accoutrement: our Deerskin Driving Gloves. The pictures in our gallery include what is—or was—my personal glove, until Festus the Bestus nailed it while I was writing this brief. The ubiquitous practical and stylish accessory became popular with drivers of classic British and Italians cars: MGs, TR3s, Austin-Healys, Alfa Romeos, and so on. These often had the most beautiful wooden Nardi steering wheels, to which warm, supple, and non-slip gloves became the perfect complement. Dedicated gloves became another way for drivers to express their individual taste in a functional and whimsical manner, to the extent that they were sometimes made to match a car’s upholstery. A lot more history about driving gloves is available, just visit our website and “ASK ELLIOT”!